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Every day, all day, we meet people and when that happens a relationship develops. It may be a fleeting one or it may grow into something deeper.



All people are different (thank goodness) and have differing and diverse needs. That is no reason to accept that there must be conflict.
Why can't every transaction result in Win/Win?



Stress has become the Number 1 reason for absence from work. So if we can banish stress, arguments and conflict, think of the benefits, everybody gains.


Coordinate Analysis Transaction Skills


A tried, tested and proven System that focuses on making every Transaction, (a meeting of two or more People) result in Win/Win.


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d4s C.A.T.S. Seminars

Seminars to learn how to utilise the C.A.T.S. Win/Win Relationship system in any situation are a fun way of absorbing the information. Real life examples and participation exercises mean you are using the system before even leaving the seminar room. Our pricing structure ensures, as always, that we deliver high value at low cost.

Become a licensed d4s C.A.T.S. Coach

If you have enjoyed learning about the C.A.T.S. Win/Win Relationship system you may wish to become a licensed C.A.T.S. Coach or Trainer. This is an excellent add on service for established Coaches and Trainers to include in an existing portfolio whether sole operators or Training Officers for larger organisations.

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